• Anila Andezhath

The "W" to become an A-Player

W - Be a Warrior Not a Worrier

"It's not as easy as they make it sound", "I am not cut out for this", "My family background does not allow me to pursue this"

Do these questions haunt you every time you want to listen to your inner voice? Well, congratulations, you are part of a culturescape that has chained you like a lot of other potentially great people. For once, try and escape the turmoil created in your mind about "Ideal Job", "Settling down", "Heavy Bank Balance" and listen to the music that keeps playing inside your head but you keep turning down the volume because you are hesitant that your playlist may not be appreciated by the people that matter to you.

Imagine you have a vision in mind that turned into reality in not only making you happy but it also gave you a chance to meet that special one who would happily share the journey with you and since your art is a masterpiece, you made a fortune. Wouldn't that be exciting? But how can you turn your dreams into reality while you're still sleeping? Wake up! Don't worry about what "they" will say, it's okay if you fail a couple of times, common cut yourself some slack! Try again and again and again!

Anila Andezhath


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