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  • Anila Andezhath

The "U" to become an A-Player

U - Universe Is Listening To Your Thoughts

Has it happened that you spoke about an old friend with an office colleague and that same day you bumped into that same old friend while traveling? You exclaim in surprise and tell your friend that you spoke about them at work and what a pleasant coincidence you met them the same day! I believe that the universe heard your thoughts and granted your wish. Don't believe me? I have experienced that and I still do every single day. If you start following this exercise of creative imagination, you'll soon witness a shift in your reality. The part where we covered spending time in your perfect imaginary world (Journey to Utopia) is interrelated with this formula. You will start to feel that somehow luck is always on your side and everything seem to miraculously turn out to be in your favor.

The universe is constantly listening to your thoughts! Be careful of what you let out there!

Anila Andezhath


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