• Anila Andezhath

The "Q" to become an A-Player

Q - Quality vs Quantity

Although we have been taught to always choose quality over quantity, what we end up choosing instead? The answer is pretty clear, we go with quantity. We believe that quantity (time spent at work) brings more money (quality of life) instead of realizing that the same quantity if utilized wisely can bring gargantuan results in our overall quality of life.

You work for extra hours to earn more money. Sleep less for the same reason and then spend that extra income earned on medical expenses for acidity and other ailments caused by sleep deprivation. Hmm!

You stay busy being busy. So much that you don't have time to meet your friends, spend time with your family, it is clearly visible that you have a lot on your plate but you still juggle with your personal and work life. At the end of it all, you fall sick, you are lonely, your friends and family keep bickering that you do not spend time with them. Running after quantity degraded your quality of life. It's not too late! Take a pause, breathe, zoom out of the situation and try to analyze the root cause. Repair it as soon as you realize that there is a dent that is impacting your happiness.

Anila Andezhath


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