• Anila Andezhath

The "O" to become an A-Player

O - Organizing Yourself

Any change begins with us moving out of our comfort zones. Do we always try to hide behind the curtains of our busy lives when it comes to asking ourselves questions like why can't we go to the gym? Why can't we learn that foreign language that we always wanted to learn? Why can't we study further to excel in our field? Multiple questions, the same answer "I don't have the time required for these activities". I know we all have different schedules but here's what I came up with when I tried this with 14 people from my team:

Average sleep time - 7 hours

Average travel time - 2 hours

Average eating time - 2 hours

Average time spent on your electronic device - 2 hours

Average working time - 8 hours

Avail time - 3 hours

On average, some of us are left with about 3 hours a day for their personal growth and development. How we utilize it is what makes you different from others.

Suggestion: Make a time table and add the list of 2-3 things that you want to do that can be added in your daily schedule. For instance: Travel time can be utilized in reading a book or watching some autobiography of some great leaders.

Anila Andezhath


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