The "O" to become an A-Player

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

O - Organizing Yourself

Now this is the part where almost all of our fancy vision lists drown themselves in the pool of excuses and guilt. We often hear people saying that they have a lot they want to achieve but time doesn't permit them to follow their passion yet we conveniently ignore the fact that there's one thing in common between us and every other successful human being on the face of planet Earth and that is 24 hours. It remains a universal fact for the poor as well for the rich. What's missing from the equation here is that we are often unorganised and hence we feel our plate is always over flowing to take on another piece of bread.

One out of five of your friends would have complained that they have put on a lot of weight ever since the lockdown has started. Reason? Work from home collides with work at home thus leaving them exhausted to even think of working out or have a balanced diet. Part of the problem lies in being unorganised and if you analyse it closely you'll notice that the solution to most of the problem lies somewhere between the A-Z that I have listed out.

I know we all have different schedules but here's what I had come up with when I tried this with 14 people from my team:

Average sleep time - 7 hours

Average travel time - 2 hours

Average eating time - 2 hours

Average time spent on your electronic device - 2 hours

Average working time - 8 hours

Avail time - 3 hours

On average, some of us are left with about 3 hours a day for their personal growth and development. How we utilize it is what makes you different from others. Our current situation has forced us to stay home and manage most of our work remotely. This could be a chance to try on something you've always wanted to. I read a beautiful quote that made a lot of sense to me and here's what it says:

"The world has slowed so you could rediscover yourself."

Anila Andezhath

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