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  • Anila Andezhath

The "N" to become an A-Player

N - "No", Say It When Required

The title must've made a lot of heads nod in agreement. Yes, it's true that we are reluctant to say no to others because either we do not want to hurt them or probably our response will not make a difference to them. For instance, your religious beliefs, your career choice, your decision about marriage and there's an unending list where you follow the dogmatic rules laid down by your family/caretaker/relatives or friends. We've forgotten the fact that the reason we are different from other animals is that we have the liberty to question things that do not make sense. We have the freedom to say "No" to things that do not serve us and let us grow in life.

It is okay to say no to a friend who invites you to attend a birthday party on a weekday when you know you have your office the next day.

It is absolutely fine to say no for a cigarette if you've quit smoking and meet some of your old smoke buddies

The only way to get rid of the shackles is to realize that you have one and that you have the choice to free yourself from it.

Anila Andezhath


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