The "M" to become an A-Player

M - Managing Anger

This is my most favorite topic as I was once known to be pretty short-tempered and I am the exact opposite now. The credit goes to the "Thumbs-up" theory that I discovered. Well, it goes this way:

Take a bottle of Thumbs-up and imagine yourself as that bottle and the bottle cap being your mouth. Now picture yourself being in a real aggressive situation, shake the bottle as that's what happens when we are angry. Now if you open the bottle cap immediately after shaking the bottle, we all know the outcome. The outburst of the soda spoils you and the one at the receiving end. But if the same bottle is kept aside for some time, the damage is controlled and you both can enjoy the drink. This is the same rule that you need to apply every time you lose your patience and want to really curse someone. Now the question arises, what to do when someone is pouring all their anger at you? How to stay calm? There are 2 things that you can do:

(i) Stay calm and let them get done yelling, think of them like the troubled soul who needs to feel better by pouring their heart out OR

(ii) Picture their mouth as the bottle cap and imagine the soda coming out of their mouth. The thought of it will keep you distracted from getting angry (That's what I do all the time)

Anila Andezhath

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