The "B" to become an A-Player

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

B - Belief In Yourself

A lot of our problems, our inabilities to control our emotions, our resistance in pursuing our dreams are usually because we have limited faith and belief in our capabilities. I read it in a book by Robin Sharma (The 5 AM Club) that "we've encouraged a culture of soft, weak and delicate people who can't keep promises, who bail on commitments, and who quit on their aspirations the moment the smallest obstacle shows up. From a young age, we are programmed into thinking that moving through life loyal to your values of mastery, ingenuity, and decency should need little effort." The irony is that we want the world to believe in us while our self-belief trembles from time to time. Once we start believing that everything we desire for is achievable, every problem that we are facing right now can be resolved if not immediately then gradually; and build a strong I call it 'belief shield', everything will come to us the very moment we ask for it.

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