Chapter 3 - My brain, my new best friend!

Once I was able to connect the dots, I was able to tap into some other compartments of my brain that stored emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, insecurity, etc. One article led me to the other and each video would route me to another one, we all know how that algorithm works! I don't know everything yet, I am still learning. But one thing I can be confident about is that I know more about my emotions now than I've ever known them. I am training myself to have a more mindful and microscopic view of observing my emotions and the events triggering such behaviors.

If I were to make a graph of how much of our lives are controlled by the subconscious mechanism that we build in our minds, I'd say 70% of what we do with our life is based on the 30% of training that we received in our Theta state till about 7 years of our age. I learned some fascinating things about my fears.

In the earlier stages of human evolution, everything was a matter of life or death. Humans had to stay alert to survive in the wild from the wild. There's a small almond-like structure in our brain called Amygdala that's responsible for driving the "Fight or Flight" mode in us, the leading manufacturer of stress and fear.

Although we've evolved over the years, that production hasn't stopped. Everything that triggers us to experience fear causes our bodies to react in the same manner as if we were attacked by a wild animal. Even without any physical movement, we experience sweating of palms, palpitation, our throats dry up, etc. These are expected responses if we were chased by a carnivorous animal. Now coming back to a modern-day example, I am scared of lizards, every time I am encountered by one, I can feel a shriek down my spine and I can't help but scream. After much contemplation, I was able to zoom in a little to understand when was this seed of fear planted in my mind. The first step was to understand what's the outcome I fear the most when I see a lizard. What would happen if a lizard jumps on me? All the scenarios I painted in my head such as it would eat me alive, it would turn me into a lizard and take me away from my family rather sounded comical than fearsome. So why did I fear it so much? Going back to the Theta state when I was installing software in my head, my mother would often threaten to give me away to lizards or cockroaches with the most motherly intentions that she had in mind of making me finish my meal or to stop me from getting hurt or running away somewhere. But I grew up seeing her feeding dogs, cats, and other animals without any fear and with utmost care and love. My models of reality were operating on the software that was installed in my mind when I was a kid. I became an animal lover, I like being in nature because that's what I saw my mother doing when I was little.

Is that the reason why some people love animals while some are petrified of them? Does that explain why if there's one alcoholic in the family, it's likely to find another one in close proximity too? Can this theory be extended further to derive at a conclusion that all the hereditary disease that we get and pass on to other generations is nothing but a manifestation of our subconscious mind from what it's been observing during its hypnosis state?

I don't know yet, I am still learning. Some more to come in the upcoming blogs!

~ Anila Andezhath

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