Chapter 1 - Mindful Approach!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

7 months ago in May 2020, I embarked on a beautiful journey that

has made me feel lighter than ever, happier than I ever have felt, calmer than I’ve ever been. The sense of liberation it has brought to me is ineffable on so many different levels. I am using this website to share my experience, this is my personal diary where I will be writing about all the changes that this new approach has given me and how peaceful my life has become ever since I took this path.

I have always questioned the existence of religious dogma and somehow was never convinced when it came to follow or rate one religion over the other. There were always certain aspects of every religion that I did not agree with and then I was introduced to this idea of Humanism and it made so much sense. Having a secular approach towards life, one’s belief, and an open minded viewpoint can bring such a sense of relief.

There are various factors in my life where this new method has helped me accept things more gracefully. My child’s death within 24 hours of his birth broke me from inside but when I learned more about mindfulness, the spiritual enlightenment that I received made me realize that we are so much more than our physical selves.

I was able to see clearly that my pain was because of my attachment to his physical existence, to the memories that we made together. It took some practice and understanding to unplug that wire and rewire it to my baby’s spiritual existence. Buddhism connects with Science to explain that we never really die, our disintegrated body then becomes a part of nature and we transform and go on existing in different forms. Buddhism does not need to be looked at as a religion that would categorize our actions as either wrong or right, rather a more secular way of perceiving things around us. I am going to talk a lot in my upcoming blogs about the transformations that I have experienced and how they have benefitted me in having a more peaceful life than I ever imagined to have.

~ Anila Andezhath

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