In loving memory of our son, Zan

They say moving on is the most difficult thing to do. I do not disagree! I do however feel that it is made to look so cruel and heartbreaking because we are engineered to learn to "Forget" about the past in order to move on. It would be a little less painful if we "Accept" the past rather than forgetting it and then trying to move on!.

Here's to our son for loving us so much! It's a miracle how a part of me got separated yet it made me complete!

"The day we found out about you, the day we saw your heartbeat on that screen;

We knew we had fallen in love with you right that moment,

Never had we witnessed such beauty, the size of a bean…

In no time you became my closest friend, my go-to person in distress;

You could read my mind faster than anyone,

I felt so content and complete, you freed me from all the mess…

Now I could see a change in myself both physically and mentally as you grew;

But somehow you still elevated my self-esteem,

You made me love myself more, I couldn’t wait to see you...

Our house was filled with joy like never before, everyone buying presents for you;

You were the center of attraction even before your arrival,

The question rolling around was whether to buy pink or blue?

We made so many memories together, from eating junk to riding on a giant wheel;

From walking in a marathon to learning how to cook,

Planned our future travel plans like it was our little adventurous deal…

Finally, the day arrived, when you were ready to meet your mom and dad;

The thought of holding you overpowered the pain of labor,

We couldn’t stop dreaming of all the happiness you were going to add…

I vividly recall your first cry amidst all the yelling and screaming;

Happiness flowing from your father’s eyes;

He couldn’t wait to hold you, a magical moment we’ve been dreaming…

“It’s a boy”, your father jumped in excitement beyond control;

All my pain and agony seem to have disappeared,

I felt like I was given a new life, a pure soul…

Little did we know that you were here just to see us, no plans to stay;

We did all we could to keep you with us;

But God had some other plans, He called you back just the other day…

The memories of your eyes, your cries, your tiny soft feet,

Is forever going to remain fresh in our heart and soul;

We miss you every single day love, you’ll see when we next meet..."

- Anila Andezhath

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