• Anila Andezhath

🌼 If You Want To Be Happy, Be! 🌼

You will see what you train your mind to see. If you choose to see things that drain your energy you'll end up feeling tired and exhausted throughout the day. In a similar way, if you train your mind to see empowering things, you'll end up feeling all fuelled up.

I once did this small experiment with my team where I asked them to spot all the objects in blue color and name them. I got the results in less than a minute. They had scanned the whole room and not one object was left unnoticed by them. Then I asked them to spot all the objects in red color, they did that as well. After the game was over I asked them if they had noticed the blue bag kept next to the red bottle when they were searching for red objects. They all said, no they had not noticed the bag until they were asked to spot the blue color.

CONCLUSION: When I asked them to look for blue, they programmed their minds to just focus on the color blue. The same philosophy can be applied in order to stay positive and hopeful. If you look for things that make you cry when you're down, you are not walking in the path to healing; you are offering your sufferings a free ride around your mind. If only you decide to show compassion for yourself and try to program your mind, you will never feel suffering in your life as you'll realize that this too shall pass.

~ Anila Andezhath

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