I am a Tree!

A tree, no matter how worn-out, damaged and old, will always teach you a good lesson if you pay attention. Nature is constantly whispering and talking to you, showing you how to live peacefully. If only, one could step out of the fog that clouds our vision, there is so much one can learn from nature. Here’s a little chat transcript:

I gazed at the tree long enough, my pupils dilated as though they were making way for the bright light and wisdom that was going to be bestowed on me by this wise tree.

I heard a soft soothing whisper, tingling numbness in my feet and a calming breeze in my nerves.

There was a glee on the face of this tree, the leaves of which were eaten by insects.

The sun rays made their way through the little many holes that the beetles had caused, yet the tree stood tall and confident. I couldn’t stop but wonder, how are you so happy after being so damaged? Don’t you despise these insects who did this to you? Don’t you long for vengeance from these pests who ruined your beauty?

While I was thinking about the hardships that this tree had to go through, a leaf fell on me and the moisture tickled my cheeks bringing a smile on my face. The bitter thought that was gripping me slowly was interrupted by this tiny leaf and that’s when the wise one spoke!

I am old and I have seen a few generations pass by, I have seen many generations use their skilled and more advanced equipment to grow trees faster, keep us insect-free and we have accepted it all. I am a tree, these holes are not defects, they are the signs that I fed so many lives. I have no regrets or hate for anyone, even a falling piece of me makes a human such as you smile before it finally reaches the ground.

What more can I ask for? Even in my damaged state, all I am giving out is a way for the sunrays to reach you. If you ever get a chance to give something to someone, give them peace and love. The detached leaves are still a part of me, what if it’s not in the same form as before? You can cut off my stems and all my branches, but I will still be a tree. Your struggles and shortcomings don’t change you, what you think about yourself does!

Things to learn:

The holes in the leaves- The short-comings that shake our confidence

The feeling of vengeance - The urge to hurt those who hurt us

Feeding the insects - The mindful understanding of what our struggles teach us and how much of it can be used for the good of others

Sunrays through the holes - The dedication and positivity to always strive to be the lotus growing in mud

~ Anila Andezhath

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