Guess my profession?

One of my close friends gave me a brilliant idea to write on today. A game of guessing the profession after reading their work description. Let’s see how many of you get the right answer to this.

We are supposed to be happy around you even when the circumstances are not favorable for us. We are called the face of the company and nobody likes to see a face that’s not happy so we suck it up and make you believe that we have a perfect life that’s full of joyous memories to cherish.

We get feedback from you to plan an outing which after a lot of convincing and consideration gets approved but then half of you don’t show up for the outing. So much for employee synergy huh!

Some of us even get threats for frivolous things such as confiscating your mobile phones which by the way is written to be prohibited for us on the production floor.

You approach your supervisor out of the blue and demand for a salary raise, they blatantly deny for obvious reasons. You come running to us and even though we know that your contribution hasn’t been enough to get paid your monthly salary, we assure you and try to motivate you to put in a little more extra effort. We are the hope-givers mate!

We want to tell you that your communication is not up to the mark, that you change jobs at a pace at which parents change diapers of their newborn babies making you completely unreliable to get hired. We try to reason with you as much as possible but your adamant arse wouldn’t budge making it extremely difficult for us to convince you that you are rejected. There! Now you know the history behind “We’ll let you know”.

You tell us that you are in need of a job as you have an ailing grandmother to look after, you are the only provider in the family and how this job is going to make you independent so to speak. With teary eyes, you make us believe that we are doing the right thing by hiring you and boom! The first day of training and you are nowhere to be seen. You do not answer our calls or texts and we look like a fool in front of the trainers especially the Ops Managers who give us “the look” which says what a disappointment we’ve been to them!

We know that you don’t know the name of your grandma who has died and reincarnated and died again several times in the last 2 years of your employment but we let go because you are a good employee at the end of the day.

You know not all of us like to wear Saree on traditional days, not all of us know how to dance or sing or do any of the activities that we are not just supposed to organize for you but actively participate as well in order to maintain the team spirit.

We all know that some employees can be a real pain in the neck and yet we wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.

When you demand sky-high salaries because your “last-drawn” was 3 times more than what you should be getting right now, we really, desperately want to scream out loud “Hello! They lured you into joining them paying that much and that’s why the company closed business in less than 6 months. Now suck it up and accept what the hiring company is offering to pay.” But we politely explain to you what the salary brackets are and why you may need to compromise on your salary.

We help you find a job that can feed you and your loved ones even though you lie to us through your teeth that you are in dire financial crisis when you actually need the job just to buy a new phone.

Yes, we do get into arguments with other departments for selecting you. Some of them are our close acquaintances yet we fight for you to get the role you applied for.

There are a lot of thankless activities that we are involved in doing yet you only remember us organizing and participating in rangoli competition. Guess who are we?

~ Anila Andezhath

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