Beyond Right and Wrong!

What is the meaning of life? My life? If I can even call it mine!

Who am I? Am I the one that is part of a country? Am I the one who belongs to a certain religion? Is my identity determined by my ideologies? Would my life stop being mine based on the profession I choose? How does the color of my skin decide who I am? Is it that simple to categorize and stock humans in boxes labeled according to the color of their skin, the nation they belong to, the political ideology that they follow, the festivals they celebrate, the language they choose to speak, the food they eat and all the absurd methods we use to create further bifurcation?

I think I have been living a life of duality until now and this has been a major cause of a lot of miseries in my life. It sounds reassuring to know that I am not alone in this journey but it also poses the question of how can I USE this duality to be a better version of myself? The answer is clear as day! I have to start accepting that what I see and think is not the only way to see and think. There is a certain pleasure in pain, some level of ugliness in beauty, there is some end in every beginning, some presence in every absence.

This is not some philosophical quote, this realization is an eye-opener, my liberation from the ‘known’! It does not just work with existential conflicts but also in practicing non-judgment. I do not feel the urge to correct anyone as there is nothing to correct! Wrong and Right are concepts based on each person’s mental conditioning, the environment they live in, the experiences they’ve had in their lives and the list goes on. Just because someone’s idea of life does not match with mine, it does not make theirs wrong. There is no superiority, no comparison as we all are unique in our ways but that’s also one common factor amongst all, that we all are “unique”.

I may not understand someone’s reasoning completely but the fact of the matter is that I don’t have to! I just need to accept that their thought process is different from mine! The grass is green on both sides for all I know!

~ Anila Andezhath

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